Smile… For the end of sugar, But the Beginning of Chocolate Cake!

We promise we are going to talk about chocolate cake in this blog post, but before we do we want to talk a little bit about sugar. Sugar in our diet is now thought to be one of the primary causes of heart disease and diabetes and is largely responsible for the rising levels of … Continue reading “Smile… For the end of sugar, But the Beginning of Chocolate Cake!”


People afraid of the dentist are being reminded that dentistry has significantly changed after an alarming number of Brits say a visit is scarier than 10 of the UK’s most common phobias, a new survey reveals. One in three (33 per cent) said a routine check-up was scarier than interacting with other people. Visiting the … Continue reading “DENTAL PHOBIA STILL RIFE THROUGHOUT UK”

The Cost of Dental Implants. #4 Might Surprise You!

With costs seemingly rising here in the UK more patients are tempted to look overseas to replace missing teeth with dental implants, but what is the cost of doing this and what is the true cost of a dental implant here in the UK? To answer this rather intricate question a London dentist has written … Continue reading “The Cost of Dental Implants. #4 Might Surprise You!”

The Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are unfortunately very common in the UK With 84% of adults having at least one or more fillings and each of those adults having on average 7 fillings. This is a direct result of only 42% of adults using a toothbrush and toothpaste for their oral care and only 21% of adults visiting … Continue reading “The Types of Dental Fillings”

The causes and prevention of teeth grinding problems

Do you grind your teeth during the day? How about grinding them at night? If you do it can disturb your partner whilst they sleep, destroy your teeth and cause headaches, so it is worthwhile seeing if you can resolve this problem and stop your teeth grinding habits. What causes teeth grinding? Many studies have … Continue reading “The causes and prevention of teeth grinding problems”

Afraid of the dentist?

Researchers in Japan believe that the fear of the dentist may be triggered by the grating sound of dental drills and the scraping of pointy instruments as oppose to the pain of surgery. A recent UK population survey of oral health indicated that around 10% of the population have extreme anxiety associated with going to … Continue reading “Afraid of the dentist?”

Could diamonds be the future of dental implants?

Scientists have discovered that tiny spherical diamonds could be used to promote bone growth and improve the durability of dental implants, so in the future humans could have diamond-encrusted teeth to improve oral health and fight disease. The miniscule gems, which are invisible to the human eye, could be used to combat forms of bone … Continue reading “Could diamonds be the future of dental implants?”