Invisalign – A Straight-Talking Approach To Straight Teeth

We’ve all been there – looked at a wedding or holiday snap and wanted to change something about ourselves. Did you spot a twisted tooth or are your lips tightly sealed for fear of revealing terrible teeth? If this sounds familiar, this month’s article is a must-read. It’s not just about transforming your smile, it … Continue reading “Invisalign – A Straight-Talking Approach To Straight Teeth”

A Complete Guide To Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign versus braces Invisalign has taken the orthodontics world by storm and made straighter teeth available to more people than ever before. If you want straight teeth but don’t want anyone else knowing that you’re wearing braces then these clear aligners could certainly be an option for you. These aligners are computer-generated in a state-of-the-art … Continue reading “A Complete Guide To Invisalign Clear Braces”

How Does Invisalign Work?

With modern advances in technology orthodontic treatments have become more convenient and more accessible to wider a range of people. Historically, orthodontics was only offered to children is often in the form of fixed train track metal braces. In more recent years adults have begun to have orthodontics also but because of their high profile … Continue reading “How Does Invisalign Work?”