What Is The Cause Of Tooth Decay?

While the government is working hard to reduce tooth decay in children, in the past year alone 45,224 children needed hospital treatment because of tooth decay, with admissions rising to over 7,000. At the Dental Centre London we want to help reduce the incidence of tooth decay and have created a compendium of everything you … Continue reading “What Is The Cause Of Tooth Decay?”

Black Teeth: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Black teeth can be a concern for many people; a black tooth will affect your smile and impact on your confidence. If you have a black tooth, read on to find out more about the symptoms and causes and treatments that may be available. What causes a tooth to go black? There are many reasons … Continue reading “Black Teeth: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment”

Why Is Dentistry So Expensive?

Why does dentistry cost so much? Dentists are often asked why their treatments cost so much, the simplest way to address this is to tackle each area head-on and answer your questions. The truth is that it’s not dentistry that costs so much, it’s neglect that costs! We will always recommend investing time (and money) … Continue reading “Why Is Dentistry So Expensive?”

How To Relax At The Dentist

Scared to go to the dentist? Did you know that being scared of going to the dentist is incredibly common? In fact, approximately 13-24% of people feel anxious or scared each time they prepare for a visit. For a small number of patients, the anxiety can heighten to an extent where it becomes a disabling … Continue reading “How To Relax At The Dentist”

Is Teeth Whitening At A Beauty Salon Legal?

With the increase of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, more procedures, such as teeth whitening, are being offered on the high street in beauty salons and spas.  But is this safe or, indeed, legal? Many beauty salons offer this service alongside their tanning, nail or semi-permanent makeup options as a way to provide the ‘whole package’ in … Continue reading “Is Teeth Whitening At A Beauty Salon Legal?”

Meet The Dental Centre At UCL Freshers’ Fair

The Dental Centre will be at the UCL Freshers’ Fair on 30th September and 1st October. So come along and say hello and find out what we can do for you. The UCL Freshers’ Fair will be brimming with exciting companies to join, from clubs and societies to independent shops and venues. But amidst all … Continue reading “Meet The Dental Centre At UCL Freshers’ Fair”

Is Your Mouth Guard Or Splint Up To Scratch?

Do you know how to choose the right mouth guard/splint? Did you know that dentists use two specific types of mouth guard? Can you tell the difference between a night guard and a sports guard? Before you bite the bullet and get a new one, read our helpful blog. If you’ve already invested in a … Continue reading “Is Your Mouth Guard Or Splint Up To Scratch?”

Are Your Teeth Giving You A Headache?

Headaches and links with dental malocclusion The World Health Organisation estimates that almost half of the adult population have experienced a headache at least once within the last year. Those suffering from recurrent headaches may find that they impact their quality of life, both at home and work. What constitutes a recurrent headache? A headache … Continue reading “Are Your Teeth Giving You A Headache?”