Why is dentistry so expensive?

Why does dentistry cost so much? Dentists are often asked why their treatments cost so much, the simplest way to address this is to tackle each area head-on and answer your questions. The truth is that it’s not dentistry that costs so much, it’s neglect that costs! We will always recommend investing time (and money) … Continue reading “Why is dentistry so expensive?”

Is your mouth guard or splint up to scratch?

Do you know how to choose the right mouth guard/splint? Did you know that dentists use two specific types of mouth guard? Can you tell the difference between a night guard and a sports guard? Before you bite the bullet and get a new one, read our helpful blog. If you’ve already invested in a … Continue reading “Is your mouth guard or splint up to scratch?”

Are your teeth giving you a headache?

Headaches and links with dental malocclusion The World Health Organisation estimates that almost half of the adult population have experienced a headache at least once within the last year. Those suffering from recurrent headaches may find that they impact their quality of life, both at home and work. What constitutes a recurrent headache? A headache … Continue reading “Are your teeth giving you a headache?”

Emergency dental treatment – don’t grit your teeth and bear it

If you’re not prepared, a dental emergency can literally leave you pulling your teeth out. It’s crucial to stay one step ahead so, if you suddenly find yourself experiencing a dental emergency, you know what to do and where to go. Being prepared can minimise pain and ensure you benefit from quick access to dental … Continue reading “Emergency dental treatment – don’t grit your teeth and bear it”

Ten quick-fire questions to ask your new dentist

If you’re looking for a new dentist it’s easy to be bamboozled by lots of promises, dental jargon and new technology.  With so many dentists only offering limited NHS places, it’s also easy to jump on the first option available.  So how can you spot a quality dental practice amongst all that noise and ensure … Continue reading “Ten quick-fire questions to ask your new dentist”

Your guide to dental cavities – filling in the gaps

Have you ever been asked by a friend or colleague how many fillings you have? Whilst the nation’s dental health is undeniably improving, our patients and the general public alike still use the number of fillings as a gauge to measure dental health. What’s important to recognise is that even patients who visit their dentist … Continue reading “Your guide to dental cavities – filling in the gaps”

Dental plans – can you afford not to join?

Did you know that a staggering 9 out of 10 people report bleeding  gums whilst cleaning their teeth? With only 10% avoiding  the dreaded bleeding when brushing, it’s no surprise that more and more patients are turning to dental plans in a bid to future-proof their dental health……and bank balance. In this month’s blog, we … Continue reading “Dental plans – can you afford not to join?”

Getting to the root (canal) of the problem

Getting to the root of the problem Just told someone that you’re having root canal treatment? Were you greeted with a sympathetic  face followed by a wealth of  over-imaginative horror stories? Let’s set the record straight. Root canal treatment does not cause any pain. In fact, a root canal treatment is there to relieve pain. … Continue reading “Getting to the root (canal) of the problem”