Dental Phobia Still Rife Throughout UK

People afraid of the dentist are being reminded that dentistry has significantly changed after an alarming number of Brits say a visit is scarier than 10 of the UK’s most common phobias, a new survey reveals. One in three (33 per cent) said a routine check-up was scarier than interacting with other people. Visiting the … Continue reading “Dental Phobia Still Rife Throughout UK”

The Cost Of Dental Implants. #4 Might Surprise You!

With costs seemingly rising here in the UK more patients are tempted to look overseas to replace missing teeth with dental implants, but what is the cost of doing this and what is the true cost of a dental implant here in the UK? To answer this rather intricate question a London dentist has written … Continue reading “The Cost Of Dental Implants. #4 Might Surprise You!”